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About Wavie

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First Intelligent Touchless Light Switch

Wavie brings innovation into old schools light switches that have been used for decades. 

Yes, there are already touchless switches on the market, but they can only turn the light on and off without any other options. Wavie is different. It is able to control multiple lights by number of different gestures, or it can be used for creating a romantic atmosphere by dimming the lights.

Because there is nothing impossible in the field of light control for our intelligent touchless switch device, or simply – Wavie. It is programmable, so it can used to control any other devices, like electric shutters or garage door. At this time, Wavie contains many options of light control, but in future, it will be able to control also various other devices.

What is very interesting is “Go to bed” mode. When you are going to sleep, you use the gesture to slowly turn the Wavie off (by dimmer) after 10 seconds before you lie down, so you don’t have a problem to safely get into your bed.

Inside Wavie


luxury design
Programmable modes
Easyily replacable colorful covers
vacation mode
control by Gesture 
simple configuration
Gradual turning on and off the light by dimming
suitable for hygienically demanding environments (hospitals, toilets, etc.)
Fast replacement of classic light switch

Wavie in Numbers

Components inside Wavie
Lines in Source Code
Gesture Control Frequency

What People Say About Wavie

Removal of the risk of infection transfer through the light switch is an excellent opportunity to provide better healthcare services.
Laboratories and Hospital areas
Our hotel sees this gesture control light switch with dimmer as a chance to bring something high-end to our guests as well as something unique into the hotel room.
Hotel Manager
For our friends, the touchless light switch means an opportunity to play with lights. Personally, I consider it pleasant to show my friends something new that nobody has in their home.
Home Use
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Wavie - First Intelligent Touchless Light Switch