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About Us

Who stands behind Wavie – a touch less light switch and dimmer controlled by hand gestures

Wavie is brought to you by AlfaPro and cyriadesign company

We are re-inventing everyday tools to make your home smarter and more energy-efficient.

We combine ingenious engineering with well-established technologies to bring you smart home products that are reliable and widely affordable.

Our team is always looking for creative industrial designers and innovators.
If you’d like to work with us, write to us at wavie@wavie.eu

Passion for Technologies

Innovative Ideas

Smart Design




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Wavie Team Leaders

Matej Černý
Project Manager
Roman Legindi
Sales Manager
Oto Walzel
Development Manager
Waves of the light are everywhere.
They change our lives as we change the light switch.
Just wave and there will be light.
Wavie Team
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Wavie - First Intelligent Touchless Light Switch